New Hoya Sensity photochromic lenses

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 Sensity lightSensity medium Sensity darkSensity 6

Optimum protection, whatever lighting conditions you find yourself in.

They are almost clear indoors, but react quickly to up to 85% light absorption in the sun.  The advanced plastic material is flexible, lightweight and durable, and offers full UV protection to 400nm in all stages of activation.

They are available in single vision, bifocal and varifocal/progressive lens forms – even in thinner, flatter high index and aspheric options.

Sensity – first launched by our favoured lens manufacturer Hoya in 2014 to provide wearers with the comfort they need all different light situations. Thanks to Stabilight Technology and its other innovations, this breakthrough product continues to be the foundation of the Sensity family.

Sensity Dark – these deliver extra darkness in the open air as a reaction to UV and visible light, offering better performance for outdoor activities. They will also darken more than standard photochromic lenses behind a car windscreen and perform better in super-intense light and high temperatures.

Sensity Shine – These lenses also deliver extra darkness outdoors, but in a unique way. They have a light mirror coating that is more intense in the light yet subtle when indoors. Sensity Shine is great for those seeking a more fashionable looking lens.

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