Hoyalux ID MyStyle varifocal lenses

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 On target with Hoyalux ID MyStyle varifocal lenses.David Punnett 2

When our patient David Punnet told us he could never successfully use his air rifle whilst wearing varifocals we thought we might just be able to help.

The new Hoyalux MyStyle range of varifocal lenses not only offer the latest freeform design technology to minimise peripheral distortion and improve visual comfort – they also incorporate extra individual measurements to give the wearer the best visual performance possible. These include the pantoscopic tilt (the vertical angle your chosen frame makes with the front of your face), the dihedral angle (the amount of ‘wrap’ incorporated in your chosen frame design) and the back vertex distance (the measurement from the front surface of your eye, the cornea, to the back surface of the lens). These will all vary from one frame to the next and from one head to the next. They can also all be very accurately measured using the Hoya VisuReal iPad app (pictured below) – a state-of-the-art measuring system that is accurate to 0.1mm and 0.1°.

From the moment he put them on the signs were good. He immediately noticed the improvements the new lens design made to his vision at all distances and the reduced peripheral distortion compared to his previous pair. The icing on the cake was that shortly after collecting his new glasses he wore them to the Kent Open Field Target Competition and secured an excellent third place, and has gone on to achieve more success in subsequent competitions, including an excellent second place in the East London & Tilbury Open Field Target Competition.  What a result!


Fitting 1 Fitting 2









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