Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

New to Contact lenses? For a more detailed explanation of our contact lens ranges and prices feel free to call into the practice to pick up a leaflet pack. Alternatively, we’d be happy to pop it in the post – call us on 01580 715008, or send us a message from our Contact Us page.

Soft Daily Replacement Contact Lenses Daily Disposable family

Daily disposable contact lenses are the most convenient and the most hygienic option. A fresh pair of lenses  is used for each period of wear and then simply thrown away. No cleaning, no disinfecting, no weekly protein removal, no fuss.

Daily replacement lenses are also now available in toric form (for astigmatism) and varifocal form (for presbyopia).

Acuvue 1-Day Moist, Acuvue 1-Day TruEye and Alcon Dailies Total 1 are our most popular range of daily disposable contact lenses, but we also supply premium daily lenses from other contact lens manufacturers.

Soft Planned Replacement Contact Lenses

Contact lens - lens application

Once again, a more hygienic option than conventional lenses as they are replaced on a regular basis – either fortnightly or monthly depending on final lens choice. After each day’s wear, cleaning  and overnight storage is by way of a single bottle all-in-one type procedure, which is very convenient and simple to comply with.

Planned replacement lenses are also now available in toric form (for astigmatism) and varifocal form (for presbyopia).

*Acuvue Advance is our preferred two-weekly planned replacement lens and Alcon Air Optix Aqua is our preferred monthly planned replacement lens, though other types are available where appropriate.

Rigid Gas Permeable and other bespoke Contact Lenses

There are certain, often more complex prescriptions, that simply cannot be corrected adequately with the range of daily or planned replacement soft lenses currently available.

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are available in a wide range of prescription and fitting parameters, and can be custom-designed for increased stability and comfort. They are manufactured in various materials – the ultra-high oxygen permeability range being our preferred option. RGP lenses are available in toric form (for astigmatism) and varifocal form (for presbyopia).

Custom-made soft toric lenses are available for those patients with sensitive eyes that cannot tolerate RGP lenses, and have a level of astigmatism outside the availability range of daily and planned replacement soft lenses.

Please Note

For the sake of the continued health of your eyes (and to comply with best practice guidelines) you will require an Annual Contact Lens Aftercare appointment. This takes about 25 minutes and is necessary to ensure continued optimum lens fit, comfort and vision, and is in addition to your normal eye examination. We are unable to issue new lenses to patients who do not attend for annual aftercare appointments.

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