Looking after your glasses

We are often asked by first-time glasses wearers how best to look after their new spectacles. Here are some good tips for keeping them in tip-top condition:

Handling tips

250x250_fitbox-spec_case_1.jpgAlways use both hands to put your glasses on or take them off.

Keep your glasses in the hard case provided when not in use.

Don’t put them face down on hard surfaces.

Don’t put your glasses down on heat sources such as radiators or ovens and don’t leave them in the car when it is extremely hot outside.

Keep your glasses away from glue, perfume, hairspray, acetone, domestic cleaning agents and insect repellents.


Cleaning tips

500x500_fitbox-23_cleaning_glasses_anti_fog_cloth.jpgWhen cleaning your glasses, clean both frame and lenses.

First remove any hard dust particles by rinsing your glasses with lukewarm water. Then clean them with lukewarm water and a mild soap.

Dry your lenses with a soft, clean cloth. Make sure the cloth has not been washed with a fabric softener, as this can leave a mist on your lenses.

Do not use paper towels – these often contain wood fibres that can permanently damage your lenses.

We suggest you use a microfibre cloth like the one you received with your glasses and a special cleaning agent.


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