Photochromic Tints

Photochromic Tints

photochromic_tints.jpgEasily the most popular type of tint we dispense, photochromic lenses darken when exposed to bright natural daylight, then fade again when indoors. This makes them a very versatile solution for glasses wearers who need protection outside but don’t want to carry around a separate pair of prescription sunglasses to use when necessary.

In strong direct sunlight the tint is just as dark and protective as a good pair of sunglasses, and indoors it fades to less than 10% light absorption.

Before opting for a pair, bear in mind that they don’t work to their full potential in the car – the ultra-violet (UV) wavelengths that actually activate the darkening process don’t easily pass through a glass windscreen, hindering the reaction.

Also infra-red radiation (heat) is a limiting factor to the photochromic process – so in hotter climes you may notice a slight deterioration in performance.

Hoya Sensity is our first choice photochromic tint – see more here.

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